‘Tis the season to be jolly

As i sit in my bed on the 24th of December 2017, all i seem to think is that Christmas is tomorrow yet i am not excited or thrilled for the big day! Christmas is one of those things were the older you get, the less and less exciting Christmas seems. I have reached a … Continue reading ‘Tis the season to be jolly


poetry pt.2

My favourite poems from the sun and her flowers written and illustrated by Rupi Kaur "i could be anything in the world but i wanted to be his" "if i'm not the love of your life i'll be the greatest loss instead" "you ask if we can still be friends i explain how a honeybee … Continue reading poetry pt.2


I want to write more and more but I feel like there is nothing I really want to write about. Anything that has happened in my life is either too sad to think about again, or brings back too much unresolved pain. I sit in front of my laptop with my fingers on the keys … Continue reading Words


I want to help everyone in the world. I want to travel and be one with the earth. I want to volunteer overseas and away from small New Zealand. I want to rescue and revive animals. I want to transform the way the world views things. I want to teach children who deserve to be … Continue reading world.


In life, I believe things always come in cycles. Some times these are bad cycles of despair, sorrow and loss. Others are full of happiness, love and joy. Right now i'm in the despair cycle. Filled with grief and sadness. But that is not what is picking at me. It is the stress I'm facing. … Continue reading Stress