Hello all,

Today after a very tiring morning, I thought I better have a little chat about anxiety. For all that don’t know what anxiety it is, it is a feeling of unease, fear, panic or nervousness about a certain situation. I only have a very minor case of anxiety but it still affects me and is still a problem many people face each day.

I personally constantly feel panicky about certain things such as; Time (I get stressed and have panic attacks if we were late to an event or place), also school (when you have a big assignment due the next day), friends (scared they all secretly hate me) and the list goes on and on…

I’m not even too sure what a panic attack is or what its like to have one. I always thought i had have them, where i would panic so much i would cry and not be able to breathe very well. Many people describe it as a tightness in chest, but i don’t have that (i just have hard to breathe from crying).

Also on another note, i also feel as if i have paranoia, as sometimes (most times) when i am in the shower, i constantly feel as if there is someone in the room with me, wanting to kill me. I feel this also in the dark of my room and always try to take my mind off it by doing something else. I feel i have gotten this due to the fact i have grown up since young with murder TV shows and as I’ve grown older they seem more and more realistic. Maybe i’m just losing my mind and going crazy…

Thats all for today my fellow friends, sorry for rambling on but i’m sure you all understand!

Love you all,
Mighty KitKat 😉


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