I’m back

Hi there,

This is more a reference for me in years to come but i am back after almost 2 years of being non-existent. I thought I would start by saying that I am sorry future me for not updating this. See i have this constant fear that i’ll forget everything that has ever happened to me as i normally do. In fact i forgot i even had this blog or let alone written an article in it.


I will continue to post blog posts on other important things scubas break ups, relationships, body issues, love, family, school, etc. Though i may have limited experience with anything, I think as a 17 year old teenage girl I can give future me a look into what it was like to be me growing up, or even my own children. I think it is always very important to keep things like this alive, as in this day-in-age we use social media to interact, which yes can be buried up after years and years, but lets just say in a stickler to classic writing.


Anyways, expect more blog posts soon. I will even set a reminder in my phone in order to keep up with posting. Stay tuned for more embarrassing, possibly sad stories of my teenage life.


Mighty KitKat xoxo


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