The teen years

Making the most of the teenage years,

So you imagined your teen life would be just like the movies. Parties, boys, trouble, it was the dream we all had. Until the unfortunate age where you would soon realise that ‘the teen years’ may not be the best years of your life despite what your mother always told you. For me, so far the teen years have had little to no boy action, getting drunk once on the side of the road with a few friends and a constant pile of homework and stress. I always wanted the full high school experience but reality was, i did not get it. Sure, there are tons of people out there who really did have the best teen years, but as times change and years pass, the ideas of this happening also fade.

I get told stories of how my mother had such a wild teen life. She would go to parties, meet people, go skinny-dipping, find love, lose love, go on last minute adventures and simply enjoy life. In the year of 2017, none of that would probably happen. Homework increases, along with teenagers diagnosed with mental illnesses. The ideas of a ‘fun’ and relaxing few years before adulthood began was unrealistic with the amount of homework, tests, pressure, assignments piling up.

What i’m saying is that when you reach the age when you are aware of your ‘not so amazing’ teenage life, I just want you to know that you are not alone. In fact I probably know a total of 20 people who actually think there lives are enjoyable and fun. This says a lot about the society we live in today, and I hope that you, future me will understand what it was like.

Sure I haven’t gone to any wild raving parties where the cops had to shut us down, but at least I have my whole adult life to look forward to these kind of moments. Once high school is over, the real me will come out and finally I will be able to freely and passionately express myself. No more having a sad few teen years, but instead a wild 20’s!

In conclusion, the teen years suck ass. Keep waiting and sticking around for the years after these, the ones that really matter.


Mighty KitKat xoxo


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