The ukulele

When things get bad, I often try and think of ways to distract myself from the bad. This leads to endless runs up and down my local hill, thinking sweating with help. I, like most teens will sometimes watch tv shows, or maybe if I’m in the mood I will clean my room whilst listening to really loud music. However, my latest distraction has been my ukulele.

It was the middle of the winter holidays in July when I realised that I could not just sit at home all day anymore watching movie after movie but instead do something with my time. I watched one video of my favourite song being played on the ukulele before going out into town and purchasing my own ukulele.

That first day I played it so much that my fingers were aching and red line marks appeared. It was a sign of good things happening! I learnt many songs and sang along with my strumming. The vibrations of the strings being plucked gave me such a sense of relief. And although I was rough at playing it, it gave me a purpose and pushed me to continue trying more and more new songs.

However, then I went on holiday and things haven’t been the same since. My ukulele sits in my chair opposite my bed each day. I have not touched it but only looked at it. In a way I feel like I should move on from my old thoughts and get over it but in another way, that ukulele gave me so much happiness when I was feeling down. Made me feel like I was actually good at something for once in my life and pushed me to try harder and harder even when I was hurting from the strings.

Anyways, I love my ukulele. Even if i don’t play it as often as I used to, it reminds me of the pain I pushed through and that i am stronger than I look and can do anything I set my mind to.



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