Here’s the thing, our parents always expect us to obey all their rules until the day we turn a certain number, 18. I find this incredibly stupid especially since we all know that if two teenagers want to do something, they will very much find a way to do it. What’s worse is the way that parents of boys, girls and etc. behave differently due the gender of their child.

My mum recently said that I can’t stay over at my boyfriends house for a sleepover due to the fact I was 17. So being 7 months away from being a so called ‘legal’ age makes me a stupid little girl who could end up getting pregnant. News alert mum, I was not planning on going over to my boyfriends house to have fucking sex. She kept asking me why I would want to stay the night, ‘I don’t know mum maybe the fact that I really like this boy and want to connect with him on an emotional level and cuddle together, not to fuck’. Obviously I didn’t say this but still how could she be so quick to think that her innocent and well behaved teenage daughter would go over to have sex. Never mind the fact that his parents and younger sister sleep in the room next door!

The whole idea of not being able to stay the night at my boyfriends house seems so ridiculous considering the fact that we have had many ‘makeout’ (I use that broadly) sessions that they have no idea about. Do they really expect 2 teenagers possibly in love to not want to touch each other? Apparently so!

Now I know that when they were teenagers they did so many worse things than me, and definitely snuck out the house multiple times to meet up with their S/O. Times have changed apparently and I guess parents are just getting stricter and stricter. Little do they know that it’s a well known fact that teenagers of strict parents just rebel even more, and end up becoming distant from their families. Also the fact that on the day I turn 18, this new way of having my own say may become too much for me, and I will become even more rebellious.

All in all, the day I have a teenage son or daughter I will be open with them about these issues, and let them have free rein. You should be able to have trust in your child and trust that they will make the right decisions, even if that does mean having sex! You should support them in their decisions and help them by giving advice and getting them the protection that they need, instead of locking them away and forcing them o have to deal with these issues on their own.

Thanks for listening to my rant


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