I don’t want to gross or weird about this but I know that one day I will appreciate the first time I felt love. Some days I wake up so scared and anxious just because I realise that I am so totally physically and mentally in love with this boy and I have never felt this way before.

When I see your face, I just think of the wonderful person you are and how you don’t even realise how fantastic you are. When I see a funny post online I always instantly want to show you. Being apart from you tugs at me and it feels like a part of me is missing.  When you touch me it feels electric and I crave you more and more. I’ve never opened up to someone as much as you and I feel like you would never judge me. The feeling that you will always have someone there for you no matter the time of day is incredible and I can’t even imagine not having you by my side. You are respectful of me and my body, which proves how fantastic to me (I mean how many 17 year old boys do you know that wouldn’t jump their gf they moment he got drunk?). I love talking with you in the dark while cuddled up in bed and getting real about shit and crying and being vulnerable. The feeling I get inside me when we make eye contact during intimate moments just is the most beautiful thing to happen as I know you feel it to. I love coming to your house and feeling like apart of the family and having your little sister adore me and the feeling of being so comfortable with you. I love complimenting you when I know you feel self conscience with your body which leads me to the point of how amazing I feel with you when I’m most vulnerable and naked. Even if I hate a certain part of my body you’ll make all my worries about it disappear and I forget I even cared about it. I have never felt so connected mentally with someone before and I love the fact that you always know when I’m upset and can tell straight away when something is wrong and how I don’t feel like I have to lie you because you would never care or judge me. Sometimes I just stop and stare at you for a minute and you ask me what I am looking and honestly I just love admiring you and all your beautiful features and most of the time I just think about how fucking lucky I am to have you all to myself. You may joke that you’re a piece of shit, but the truth is I think you are the best boyfriend ever and that anyone would want to be dating you because you are the most loving and caring and generous boy to live. I look into your eyes and see you looking into my soul and I just know that you see it too. I love you so much and I get scared every time I think of what would happen if we were to break up.



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