poetry pt.2

My favourite poems from the sun and her flowers written and illustrated by Rupi Kaur

“i could be anything
in the world
but i wanted to be his”

“if i’m not the love of your life
i’ll be the greatest loss instead”

“you ask
if we can still be friends
i explain how a honeybee
does not dream of kissing
the mouth of a flower
and then settle for its leaves”

“this place makes me
the kind of exhausted that has
nothing to do with sleep
and everything to do with
the people around me”

“i do not weep
because i’m unhappy
i weep because i have everything
yet i am unhappy”

“when i hit the rock bottom
that exists after the rock bottom
and no rope or hand appeared
i wondered
what if nothing wants me
because i do not want me”

“you are an open wound
and we are standing
in a pool of your blood”

“the orange trees refused to blossom
unless we bloomed first
when we met
they wept tangerines
can’t you tell
the earth has waited its whole life for this”

i stop myself from
saying the words out loud
as if leaving my mouth too often
might wear them down”

“there is no place
i end and you begin
when your body
is in my body
we are one person”

“the moon is responsible
for pulling tides
out of still water
i am the still water
and you ae the moon”

“learning to not envy
someone elses’s blessings
is what grace looks like”

“you want to keep
the blood and the milk hidden
as if the womb and breast
never fed you”


Wow that more than expected, and yet I held back. I love you


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