the sun and her flowers

Poetry, like music to my ears, filling my heart with everything content. The way that some simple words can make you feel like everything will be okay. I love simple poetry that beautifully portrays how sometimes life does not go to plan.

Rui Kaur the author of the sun and her flowers shows the absolute rawness of life and growing through topics such as grief, self-abandonment, love, honouring one, and empowering yourself. As well as being a poetry book, the magical sketches throughout the book add a further emphasise towards the overall feel and movement of the 5 chapters; wilting, falling, rooting, rising and blooming.

As much as I would love to just go and on about the book and reviewing it, I feel as if it would be better to just explore these topics myself and kinda just ramble about the emotions I feel while reading the poetry.


The first paragraph of the book shows the main theme of grief. As I read through this chapter my heart ached for the character and even though I wish I didn’t, I related very much to the words spread across the page. The sadness and anger of the character demonstrated the pain I once felt and will feel in the future. Reading this beginning bit made me lost about love and in a sense confused about how love can suddenly turn to grief and heartbreak. It was a sad start to the book and really made me think deeper about the meaning of love and not only the happiness and joy it can bring but also the emptiness that comes from the aftermath of love.


Okay so I actually decided I didn’t want to make this a long post so maybe i’ll give my thoughts about the other chapters in the book when I feel like it. But until then know that this poetry book gives so much to me and makes me feel a whole new set of emotions and I can’t believe I am the type of person to buy a poetry book and fall in love with it, but it happened. God I fucking love this book.


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