I don’t want to gross or weird about this but i know that one day i will appreciate the first time I felt love. Some days I feel like i am lying to myself about being in love with my boyfriend but then I realise I totally am so physically and mentally in love with […]

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An Update.

So as the year comes to close once again, it is time to review the craziness of 2017. I am sure one day I will be reading over this not remembering anything that happened during the year but to me right now, right here, this year has been everything and more. Lets be frank here, […]

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Here’s the thing, our parents always expect us to obey all their rules until the day we turn a certain number, 18. I find this incredibly stupid especially since we all know that if two teenagers want to do something, they will very much find a way to do it. What’s worse is the way […]

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I want to write more and more but I feel like there is nothing I really want to write about. Anything that has happened in my life is either too sad to think about again, or brings back too much unresolved pain. I sit in front of my laptop with my fingers on the keys […]

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The ukulele

When things get bad, I often try and think of ways to distract myself from the bad. This leads to endless runs up and down my local hill, thinking sweating with help. I, like most teens will sometimes watch tv shows, or maybe if I’m in the mood I will clean my room whilst listening […]

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So recently I have been feeling like absolute shit and noticed that I am indeed depressed. I know what you are thinking, she is over-reacting once again. But too be fair I have had a shitty last few weeks. My ex-boyfriend who I did love does not love me back, my sister needs to be […]

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I want to help everyone in the world. I want to travel and be one with the earth. I want to volunteer overseas and away from small New Zealand. I want to rescue and revive animals. I want to transform the way the world views things. I want to teach children who deserve to be […]

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In life, I believe things always come in cycles. Some times these are bad cycles of despair, sorrow and loss. Others are full of happiness, love and joy. Right now i’m in the despair cycle. Filled with grief and sadness. But that is not what is picking at me. It is the stress I’m facing. […]

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The teen years

Making the most of the teenage years, So you imagined your teen life would be just like the movies. Parties, boys, trouble, it was the dream we all had. Until the unfortunate age where you would soon realise that ‘the teen years’ may not be the best years of your life despite what your mother […]

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A poem.

Every time. A poem by me Every time I close my eyes, I still see you Every time I get good news, I want to tell you Every time I see a bridge, I think of you Every time I cry, It’s because of you Every time I look at photos, I’m reminded of you […]

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