I’m back

Hi there, This is more a reference for me in years to come but i am back after almost 2 years of being non-existent. I thought I would start by saying that I am sorry future me for not updating this. See i have this constant fear that i’ll forget everything that has ever happened […]

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Hello all, Today after a very tiring morning, I thought I better have a little chat about anxiety. For all that don’t know what anxiety it is, it is a feeling of unease, fear, panic or nervousness about a certain situation. I only have a very minor case of anxiety but it still affects me […]

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Who Wrote ‘Happy Birthday’?

Originally posted on Longreads:
Most musicologists who’ve traced the origins of “Happy Birthday” agree that its musical score dates back to the work of two Kentucky sisters in the late 19th century: Mildred Jane Hill (b.1859), and Patty Smith Hill (b.1868). After graduating as valedictorian of Louisville Collegiate Institute, Patty went on to be a…

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Introduction & welcoming

Today, i have decided to keep a blog or as some say ‘online journal’, I specifically chose to do this as i wanted to get my emotions and feelings out of my head and onto somewhere, where I can trust people. I love taking photos and videos, and to most I look like the most […]

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